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bikeOasis KOREA Story

Korean peninsula is geographically located in the far corner of Asia, somewhat like Ireland in Europe. One needs to make some extra effort to visit Korea. However, I believe, it pays off to any visitor, especially to a cyclist, because Korea has quite unique nature and culture, even within Asia.

First, Korea has four distinct season (spring, summer, autumn, and winter – temperature ranging from minus 15 C to plus 35 C) and the whole sceneries change as the season changes. What one would see on a bike tour in the spring would be quite different from what he/she would experience in the autumn while cycling along major rivers surrounded by mountains, through small villages and around lakes.

Second, with its small size of territory 99,720km2 / ranked 108th in the world), Korea is an attractive country to go on a bike tour because the cyclist can visit different parts of Korea in a relatively short time and distance. Every region has its own unique traditions and history, which are reflected in regional delicacies and culture.

Lastly, perhaps the most important reason why you should join a bike tour in Korea, I would like to highlight the fact that Korea has probably the most safe bike-only trails in the world that extends over 1,500km (more distance currently being built). Motorcycles and cars are blocked from entering these paths and there are plenty of convenient facilities for long distance cyclists (public toilets, restaurants, cafes, stores, etc.) along the way.

bikeOasis KOREA is the first operator to pioneer bike tours in the country. It is officially registered/certified and insured tour company and our team is highly professional.

Well, as Koreans often say, one picture (a self experience) is worth a thousand words!

Our bikeOasis KOREA Team is looking forward to meeting you soon!

Beom-Seok CHOI, CEO[CEO Profile]